Sleep Guide job from Batelle Inc in Remote, United Kingdom

Monday 14th, March 2022

Batelle Inc

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Remote / Work From Home

Batelle Inc is a reputed company based in Remote. We are looking for talented professional from the field of Remote / Work From Home to join our team as Sleep Guide.

Batelle is a Remote Sleep School for children aged 5 months to 5 years old. We teach parents how to put their children to bed in under 5 minutes and sleep through the night in two weeks, guaranteed.
Started in March of 2020, our company has been growing 20% month over month with nearly all 5-star reviews to date. We now need your help to maintain our commitment to excellence as we grow. We are looking for a kind, calm, and emotionally resilient generalist to join our team and guide parents through the Sleep School experience, while continually testing and iterating on our product.
You are:

  • Goal-oriented and a problem solver
  • A quick learner and your number one goal is to accelerate the speed at which you learn
  • Coachable with an ability to progress from feedback
  • Deeply empathetic, a great listener, and someone who likes to ask great questions
  • Someone with the ability to see nuance: a heterodox thinker
  • A tinkerer, someone who loves to test things and is unafraid of failure
  • Someone who likes to push boundaries
  • Someone who defaults to ‘yes’

You have:

  • The ability to communicate confidently and succinctly, both verbally and in writing
  • Stick-to-it-itvness (the ability to stay committed to something - grit)
  • An ability to empathize with others and take an active interest in them and their struggles
  • The ability to disarm people: an open, non-judgmental, honest, and friendly demeanor
  • Excellent time management skills

You might have:

  • A love of reading
  • An interest in psychology
  • Montessori background/ interest in early childhood education

Role Responsibilities:
This is probably unlike any other job you will have come across... Sleep School is divided into 4 stages. Each stage has a team that continually works to improve outcomes of that stage. You would be joining one of these teams as a full-time member, where you would plan and test out new things, get as much feedback from customers, as well as guide parents through your stage using our Batelle Chat App.

  • Work closely with your Pod to ensure parents are completely prepared and ready for what they need to do to achieve success
  • Have debriefs and planning sessions before each cohort: what are we testing this time? How can we improve from last time?
  • Gather feedback from parents as they progress through your Stage of Sleep School
  • Look after parents in your stage by coaching them through bedtimes, wake-ups and answering any questions
  • Have 121 coaching calls with parents. Keep them calm, keep them motivated, keep them clear on what to do
  • Observe, track and report their progress. You need to know the temperature of all of your parents and children at all times
  • Be proactive. We want you to send someone a box of chocolates to someone if you think they are going to have a tough night, have an extra call with a parent who may be unclear about the next steps, send an encouraging message before they even know they need it


  • An opportunity to work with a product that has a profound effect on the lives of our customers
  • Working with a deeply kind and caring team
  • Working in a growth and testing culture - it’s OK to make mistakes as long as we learn from them
  • Competitive salary and options in the business

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: £50,000.00-£65,000.00 per year

Skills required

How To Apply

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