Senior Backend Developer Php job from in Remoto, Brazil

Friday 8th, April 2022



IT-Software / Internet

is a reputed company based in Singapore. We are looking for talented professional from the field of IT-Software / Internet to join our team as Senior Backend Developer Php.

Descrição da empresa

The biggest marketplace for adventures in the world, connecting travellers with over 2.5K tour operators from all over the world

Atividades e Responsabilidades


Your responsibilities:

  • Work within a cross-functional team focused on making an impact in a significant part of our business. You collaborate closely with backend engineers and frontend engineers in building end-to-end applications, internal tools as well as consumer-facing applications.
  • Implement backend services, within a distributed architecture, that encapsulate business logic relative to our many internal domains. You work diligently to ensure the code you write is scalable, and well tested.
  • Work in an agile manner, focused on delivering value to customers quickly, breaking down work in smaller chunks that you iterate on quickly.
  • Share your knowledge with the broader team on a regular basis, and have opportunities to go beyond and contribute to the wider community and industry.


Who you are:


  • You strive to write clean code with high test coverage and have experience with PHP (from v7.3) 2 or more years.
  • Experienced with Laravel (v7) or Symfony.
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle are not completely new to you.
  • You know what Docker and Kubernetes do.
  • Believe in testing and have experience with codeception or behat.
  • Good communication skills. We communicate all day long.
  • A growth mindset, and a deep curiosity to learn and improve yourself constantly.
  • A tendency to go above and beyond, always looking for ways to improve things around you. You thrive in fast-moving, sometimes ambiguous environments.
  • An interest in migrating legacy infrastructures to distributed, service-oriented architectures (e.g. microservices), which we see as an enabler of fast-paced, innovative and agile teams.
  • A basic understanding of Domain-Driven Design, and why it matters.

Our Stack:

  • Frontend: React, Redux, GraphQL, CSS-in-JS, Babel, Webpack, Typescript/ES6, Jest, Cypress, Netlify, Antd
  • Backend: PHP (Symfony and Laravel as frameworks), Golang, Python and NodeJS/TypeScript lambda-functions, and Java (for E2E testing)
  • Data Stores: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, Redshift
  • Containers: Docker
  • Automation: Ansible, Terraform
  • Deployment: Jenkins, BitBucket pipelines
  • Hosting: AWS (EC2, ECS, IAM, S3, SQS, Redshift, Lambda, etc.)

O que nós oferecemos

What can you expect?

  • Work right in the center of Vienna, the #1 city to live in for the 10th consecutive year
- Flexible working hours - opportunity to work 4 days per week instead of 5 days
  • International work environment with English as the working language
  • Mobile working options and working from abroad opportunity
  • The excitement of working for a fast scaling Series C funded startup
  • Great career opportunities and individual development plans
  • A dog-friendly office environment

Skills required

How To Apply

Please submit your application as instructed in the job advert or Apply from Company Website