Pedagogical Coordinator Early Years/elementary job from Red House International School in São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Friday 6th, May 2022

Red House International School

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São Paulo, SP


Administration / Secretarial

Red House International School is a reputed company based in São Paulo, SP. We are looking for talented professional from the field of Administration / Secretarial to join our team as Pedagogical Coordinator Early Years/elementary.

  • Replicate the teaching model of RED HOUSE in the school unit, in order to ensure the excellence of the teaching and learning processes;
  • Provide feedback that contributes to the constant evolution of the education system;
  • Dedicate oneself to the professional development of teachers, following the improvement of educational processes.

Key responsibilities:

  • Manage the implementation of curriculum guidelines set by RED HOUSE;
  • Be co-responsible for the safety and physical integrity of students;
  • Support the school calendar planning (meetings, field trips and other events), following the network´s guidelines;
  • Monitor daily the routine of the school, suggesting improvements to ensure the good progress of activities and correcting any failures;
  • Monitor the work of teachers, assistant teachers and specialist teachers, observing classes and monitoring students' performance, in order to identify development needs of these professionals and ensure that planning is being fulfilled;
  • Participate in the recruitment process of head teachers and teaching assistants to hire the best professionals.
  • Act in the pedagogical environment of these professionals, presenting the education system, school calendar, procedures and institution´s standards;
  • Guide the activities of the pedagogical team on necessary performance with students and family members whenever necessary;
  • Promote the development of teachers taking into account their interpersonal relationships with other school stakeholders - students, parents and school community - through individual actions (performance evaluation, regular feedback, on-the-job training) and collective training actions;
  • Track and monitor the correct use of the Student Calendar in the app;
  • Provide customer service to parents, through meetings or on app, whenever necessary;
  • Monitor the application of the evaluations provided in the school calendar, from the dissemination of the schedule to the dissemination of the results, evaluating the performance of students in each discipline and in each grade;
  • Supervise, with teachers, the planning of activities for students with special needs and inclusion cases;
  • Follow the moments of recreation and meal times, observing the students' diet;
  • Monitor the teaching material schedule from the shipment order to the receiving and distribution, ensuring delivery within the deadline for the start of activities;
  • Monitor the organization of classrooms, boards and toys;
  • Plan and monitor the new students´ adaptation plan;
  • Check and control students´allergies and special diet restriction, ensuring that the entire team is aware of these issues;
  • Guide and supervise the work of the nursery assistants and ensure the alignment of practices;
  • Monitor the organization of all student documentation, supervising the work of the school administration.
  • Three or four years of professional experience in the classroom/coordination;
  • Fluent or native English;
  • Knowledge and practice in School Management;
  • Knowledge of the relevant legislation;
  • Knowledge in BNCC;
  • Experience with people management;
  • Knowledge of IB methodology is desirable.


  • Higher degree in education (in a General or Specific Education major)

Skills required

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