New Delivery Approach Targeting Macrophages For Active Anti-tumor Immunotherapy job from LAGEP - Université de Lyon in Lyon (69), France

Saturday 7th, May 2022

LAGEP - Université de Lyon

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LAGEP - Université de Lyon is a reputed company based in Lyon (69). We are looking for talented professional from the field of Pharmaceutical to join our team as New Delivery Approach Targeting Macrophages For Active Anti-tumor Immunotherapy.

New delivery approach targeting macrophages for active anti-tumor immunotherapy

Réf ABG-105382
Sujet de Thèse

Contrat doctoral

LAGEP - Université de Lyon
Lieu de travail
Lyon - Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes - France
Intitulé du sujet
New delivery approach targeting macrophages for active anti-tumor immunotherapy
Champs scientifiques
  • Chimie
  • Biologie
  • Biotechnologie
Mots clés
cancer, macrophages, formulation, functionalization, evaluation in vitro and in vivo
Description du sujet

Laboratory: LAGEPP, department of Pharmaceutical Engineering. University of Lyon. France.

Project: Anti-tumor immunotherapy presents a promising new therapeutic strategy that can complement and enhance existing chemotherapeutic strategies. Tumor-infiltrating macrophages (TAMs) play an important role in the progression, angiogenesis and invasion of several types of tumor. Studies on the interaction between immunity and nanovectors highlight the interest of nanovectors to target immune cells and thus improve or initiate therapeutic strategies in oncology.

This thesis project will focus on the development of nanovectors capable of specifically targeting TAMs and delivering active compounds capable of reversing tumor-induced immunosuppression. The project will be articulated in 4 parts. (1) Formulation studies will be carried out on the encapsulation of immunomodulating active compounds, followed by physicochemical characterization of the nanovectors. (2) Functionnalization with appropriate ligands will be performed in order to improve the targeting of macrophages and more precisely their sub-populations involved in tumors. (3) In vitro studies will be used to evaluate targeting properties and to analyze the response induced by the vectorized active compounds. A co-culture model (macrophages - cancer cells) will be used. (4) In vivo studies will be performed on mice model to evaluate targeting efficiency, biodistribution of the nanovectors and their effect on tumor.

Grant/funding: competitive exam (EDISS, Doctoral School, After a first selection based on a written application, an oral presentation will take place. If successful, the candidate is expected to start the PhD in October 2021.

Supervisors: Pr. Stéphanie BRIANCON, Dr. Eyad ALMOUAZEN and Dr. Eloïse THOMAS.

Prise de fonction :
Nature du financement
Contrat doctoral
Précisions sur le financement
There is no secured funding for this position. The candidate is expected to apply for a doctoral contract at the EDISS doctoral school with the support of the laboratory.
Présentation établissement et labo d'accueil
LAGEP - Université de Lyon

Laboratory: The team of Pharmaceutical Engineering at the LAGEPP develops research at the interface of engineering and health sciences and has a strong expertise in drug delivery and development and validation of new theranostic probes (oncology, autoimmune diseases…). The team is composed of chemists, biologists and pharmacists whose research ranges from formulation of active compounds, to physico-chemical characterization and in vitro and in vivo evaluation on small animals. Besides, the laboratory has initiated several collaborations with teams known for their strong expertise in the field of immunology and oncology.

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Profil du candidat

Skills required: Master 2 level in pharmaceutical, biological or chemical sciences. Previous experience: (1) in formulation, functionalization (nanovectors, antibodies,…) and characterization of nano-vectors, and/or (2) in biological evaluation of therapeutic compounds (in vitro models,…). Good oral and written skills in English. Good knowledge in tumor immunology or experience in in vivo experiments would be a plus.

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