Area Manager job from Bata in 35010 Limena, Italy

Monday 9th, May 2022

35010 Limena


Human Resources / Recruitment

Bata is a reputed company based in 35010 Limena. We are looking for talented professional from the field of Human Resources / Recruitment to join our team as Area Manager.

The Bata Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers and retailers of footwear. A global company with over 30,000 employees, over 5,000 stores in more than 70 countries around the world, Bata has been providing the best shoes at the best value for money, backed by unrivaled service, for over 120 years.

Since its founding in 1894 by Thomas Bata, the Company has consistently demonstrated its commitment to responsible and innovative business models in the belief that capital is not just money, but, above all, people, knowledge and core values. Today, Bata's pioneering principles allow the company to quickly adapt to market changes. It also continues Bata's long tradition of being sensitive to cultural and national differences and allows it to function proudly as an inclusive company in every country in which it operates.


To manage his/her own area of expertise with efficiency and profit, aiming at the development of sales and personnel.
To coordinate all the operations carried out by the company and provide the necessary support for the resolution of potential problems by ensuring a constant presence on the territory of belonging.

Personnel coordination:

  • Cares for the training of store managers and sales staff through the assistance on the field in visual, sales, stock management, administrative management, etc..
  • Supports store managers on the organization and motivation of staff giving priority to the newly appointed store managers.
  • Supports the stores managers in the selection of staff participating at the recruitment.
  • Places particular emphasis in the evaluation of trial periods of staff in charge.
  • Assures the presence of store managers in training in line with the policy of expansion and follows the training program, in collaboration with the human resource department.
  • Ensures the proper evaluation of the store managers in training and the sending of related documents (check list, motivation card, etc.) to the Hr department.
  • Supports the store managers in training and proposes replacement programs.
  • In charge of the composition of staff of its stores in compliance with the corporate budget.
  • Highlights the sales persons in the stores with high potential for professional growth.
  • Periodically organizes meetings with store managers.
  • Responsible of the exchange, from one shop to another, of the store managers and sales staff.
  • Responsible for the management of issues relating the staff (travel, holidays, permits, timing).

Stores / Sales:

  • Schedules regular visits in shops, at least every month drawing out a report of commercial visit.
  • Proposes semiannual objectives related to turn over (prosperity card) .
  • Ensures the proper implementation of commercial policies, marketing, strategies of product, service, price and the rules for visual layout.
  • Under the Operational Management Plan proposes strategies, action plans and actions to be carried out in shops in the belonging area. It assesses the impact and coordinates the implementation through the interaction with other business functions.
  • Ensures that the store managers and the sales staff give a good customer service.
  • Analyzes market trends of the belonging area and the behaviour of competitors and customers, evaluating the changes and is responsible for strategic action plans to improve sales.
  • Monitoring KPI’s : Productivity x Hr/Wk/annual and Store contribution.


  • Reports particular requests of products and abnormal situations of stock in the shops collaborating with the Merchandising.
  • Analyzes and evaluates the main business documents ( prosperity card, store report and weekly sales report)
  • Makes reports on the trend of sales and products (the best-selling articles, the slow sales, etc..) and any quality problems.
  • Works with the marketing area in the definition of local activities by acting on the levers of the marketing mix, price, mix the product / service and communication / promotion.


  • Checks and ensures the smooth completion of the administrative operations through periodic visits in terms of bookkeeping, money management, inventory control for differences.
  • Checks and ensures the respect of legal obligations of personnel (payroll, book matriculation, attendance sheets, etc.).
  • Ensures that the training on standards of safety, first aid and fire prevention is adequately provided and updated by the staff of his own area .
  • Checks administrative documents and cash periodically. Sends report to Store Operation department.
  • Monitors the travel expenses incurred by staff of its area as a result of substitutions or other purposes.
  • Organizes periodically inspections visits to ensure the fulfillment of administration operation.

Commercial Area

  • Checks the setting of the goods inside the shop ( layout) based on inputs coming from the office/company (marketing plan) and maintenance
  • Checks the installation of windows and walls following the Visual Merchandising instructions


  • Assesses the potential locations for new openings.
  • Proposes the replacement/renewal of existing stores with growth potential. Coordinates and manages the organizational aspects.
  • Manges the opening of new store collaborating with all the department involved.
  • Proposes the closure of shops that do not meet the corporate benchmark.
  • Cooperates with Real Estate in the relationship with the Managers of galleries/shopping mall

Various Activities:

  • Sends to the Store Operation Manager working program schedule.
  • Joins the weekly audio conference and periodical meeting.
  • Organizes meeting in the head-office in order to resolve problems related to the stores.
  • Coordination of external cleaning services.

  • Knowledge in retail ( backgroung Store Mgr and Sales staff)
  • Minimum 3 years experience in similar position
  • Experience in coordinating and managing people
  • Preferably English knowledge

Behavioral competencies

  • Analythical thinking
  • Leadership
  • Result Orientation
  • Decision making
  • Planning and Organization
  • Team Management
  • Initiative/Entrepreneur
  • Developing others
  • Vision
  • Assertiveness

Altre informazioni:

Timetable: Full-time

Trade - Retail Sector

Skills required

How To Apply

Please submit your application as instructed in the job advert or Apply from Company Website